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Glo Tea Formula 2  -  Helping Ailments - Original and Authentic Antique Print
Glo Tea Formula 2  -  Helping Ailments - Original and Authentic Antique Print
Glo Power

Glo Tea Formula 2 - Helping Ailments

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Q . What kind of ailments are we talking about here?

A. Glo Tea Formula 2 is about helping you overcome ' everyday ills'. This is not a medicine but may work as a medicine if it suits you. Hibiscus is the basic ingredient besides other ayurveda herbs and lemon grass.

Glo Tea Formula 2 - Helping Ailments, Ayurveda loose leaf tea is made for everyone.

Glo Tea Formula 2 - Helping ailments, Ayurveda tea uses a unique blend of organic Hibiscus & Chamomile. Hibiscus flowers are a popular superfood, said to be rich in Vitamin C. Glo Tea Formula 2- Helping ailments, Ayurveda tea recipe also contains fennel seeds, lemongrass, and Kashmir Saffron. People have found that Hibiscus flower tea may help maintain blood pressure levels, and supports weight loss depending on body types.

Chamomile floral tea has been found to act as an antidepressant and helps provide calmness and better sleep. Scientific research has shown, its immense benefits in helping ailments, especially when combined with fennel seeds and lemongrass. 

Glo Tea Formula 2 - Helping ailments, Ayurveda tea  recipe can promote and support:

  • Weight management through its properties of Iron, anti-oxidants, Vitamins A & C
  • Digestion and detoxing
  • Boosting of metabolism through better blood circulation
  • may lower high blood pressure
  • Better immunity, and may maintains blood sugar levels
  • Saffron may help you fight of stress, anxiety, and give you clearer skin.

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus dried flowers, chamomile dried flowers, fennel, lemongrass, and Kashmir Saffron.

How to Make Glo Tea Formula 2-Helping Ailments

You will need

  • 1 glass or cup
  • A teaspoon 
  • The sachet ( each sachet contains two spoons/ 2gms of loose leaf tea)
  • Hot or cold water (Based on preference)  If you are using hot water, it should be between 90-95 degrees.
  • Honey is optional ( please add honey just before serving)

Method / process

  1. Empty the contents of the sachet (in proportion) into a clean cup or glass
  2. Pour hot water into the cup containing the tea leaves (150 ml)
  3. Brew for 4-5 minutes, strain, and serve. You can also use a tea steeper and in that case, you don't need to use a strainer or get up again. You simply lift the steeper out and put it, on its stand, sit back, sip and relax.
  4. Keep the contents in the steeper or strainer for another 2 uses. The second cup of tea will give you improved taste and flavor. The third cup of tea with the same leaves will be milder in both aspects but still, give you the benefits.

Note: Each trial pack of 15 sachets will give you at least 45 cups of valuable tea.The benefits of buying this low priced Ayurveda tea- helping ailments clearly outweigh the low price.

*We can customize your Ayurveda tea requirement (GTF 2- Helping ailments ), by making changes to our Ayurveda tea recipe. We can add or remove an ingredient that suits you better or doesn't suit you. We also supply bigger quantities at wholesale prices.

Disclaimer ***As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product***