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A Peep into Ayurveda Specialty Teas

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We are a Specialty and Organic tea company. Our ingredients come from small tea estates and those small tea estates are growing single full-bodied teas. The teas are handmade and essentially lose leaf. The loose leaves are plucked as a single bud or a bud and a single leaf. Knowing the plucking standard of a particular tea is essential to establishing its value. 

Quality plucking is a skilled process. The sunlight, the time of the day, and the temperatures play a pivotal role at the time of plucking the tea. The manner in which the teas are plucked off carefully, ensuring no leaf gets a cut. If the leaf gets a cut the tea taste turns bitter. This is of utmost importance while picking the tea leaves. That’s not all, the type of soil and maintenance of moisture levels are also key to specialty tea growing. Therefore, it can safely, be said that each and every step in the growing and plucking of specialty teas is of paramount importance.

Excellent tea requires skilled workers throughout the tea making process. A skilled team of artisans will always make better tea than machines. It is reasonable to pay a much higher price for the work of these people that take tea making quality to its highest potential. And it starts in the garden, almost always with remarkable women.

Specialty teas like White tea and Pu réh have their own individual taste. Pu réh tea has an earthy and soil like the taste, which every one of you may not like. Pu réh tea is specifically Ayurveda in its taste due to its earthiness and soil taste. The taste of specialty teas develops over time.

Specialty teas are expensive and come in small quantities as they are from small single manually maintained and delivered teas. They are unlike any organic or grocery store teas that come in tea bags. Yes, we all find the tea bags convenient and time-saving, but they are no way near the quality and nutritional value as specialty loose leaf teas.

Coming to our unique Ayurveda specialty teas, grounded from roots and herbs cannot be used without crushing. Having said that, we ensure if you are getting saffron or another floral spice, we blend them with their full thread or body. This ensures that you get pure and flavorsome tea or drink.

Specialty teas and crushed roots are all prone to oxidation and sunlight. You need to store them in a cool dark space as much as is possible ( preferably in 15-20 degrees temperature). Specialty Ayurveda tea blends are not a drink that you can have 4-5 times a day. The value in taste, flavor, and nutrition that you derive from one cup may be equal to 3 cups of organic or grocery store teabag.

In fact, it's better not to compare them due to completely different processes and development that these teas undergo.





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